Conquer Your Fear

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Antony Britton daredevil & escapologist

"I've brushed shoulders with the Grim Reaper on more than one occasion, but he'll have to work a lot harder if he wants to catch me"

UK based escape artist, stuntman and daredevil Antony Britton has been buried alive, set on fire, dragged to death, blown up and drowned all in the name of entertainment.

His stunts have never failed to generate publicity for his clients getting them featured Worldwide on television and radio, in newspapers, magazines and online; as well as being a thrilling experience for audiences lucky enough to catch him live.

So whether you are looking for a breath taking arena show or a motivational after-dinner speaker for a product launch or awards ceremony you have come to the right place.

Please do take a good look around before getting in touch to book Antony for your next event.