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About the man himself

Antony has 20-years experience of designing and performing unique escapes for corporate events and gala shows, but where did it all begin?

Like many things the seeds were planted when Antony was young. His Dad would spend his free-time potholing and Antony would constantly be begging to join him and would always be told it was too dangerous for someone so young.

"It wasn't that I was interested in the potholing," says Antony. "More that I was interested in what would happen if something went wrong. How would my Dad and his friends get out?"

And it is that question that Antony has spent his life trying to answer.

Britton said: "I started small. I learnt to pick padlocks first. Then I'd try to pick the lock on my front door. Then my friend's front doors, and so on. My first escape was actually from the coal shed. I think I was about 9."

Since those early days Antony has expanded his repertoire from coal sheds to jumping off of bridges bound in chains in to rivers, being blown up, pulled apart and suspended by his ankles in a straitjacket from burning ropes.

His most recent dance with death saw Antony attempt to escape being buried alive and in November of 2016 he'll be set ablaze from head-to-toe in an attempt to break the world record for the longest distance run whilst fully on fire.

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